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QUALIFICATIONS: The following guidelines must be considered prior to accepting anyone for services:
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have sufficient earned or unearned income to pay his/her housing, food, and any other daily living expenses.
  • Express a desire to live independently.
  • May require minor or routine medical support and/or monitoring.
  • Be able to communicate basic needs verbally, through the use of signs or some other means.
  • Demonstrates the ability to profit from instruction and desires instruction in living skills.
  • Have family or a guardian that is supportive of program participation and the concept of community living with support services. Every effort should be made to secure the support of the family.

Contact your DDA case manager for more referral information.

Client Rights : Each person participating in our program has all the rights listed in the link provided.

When delivering services and support to clients our focus is on the areas listed below:

Health and Safety: Educational Programs has an obligation to consider the overall health and the day to day safety of each client. Understanding that many will need direct instruction for daily living while others may need assistance in avoiding or recognizing abuse or exploitation, Educational Programs is committed to supporting these individuals to live in a way that is consistent with other citizens within their community. Instructors are thoroughly trained to promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment. This training includes First Aid/CPR, Emergency Procedures, Crisis Prevention and nurse delegation training as needed. Educational Programs also has a Quality Control system via monthly house checks  that monitors the safety and cleanliness of each client’s home.
Power and Choice: Educational Programs believes that every person has his/her own unique preferences based on knowledge, conditions, success and failure. We advocate and facilitate goals that focus on new and varying experiences that allow the client to explore opportunities to grow and learn with regular emphasis on autonomy and individuality.
Status: Educational Programs strongly encourages clients to take on productive roles in the community and at home. We want clients to be active in managing their homes, finances, making and maintaining affirmative relationships as well as maintaining a respectable appearance. The end result is to have a positive perception of self and to be recognized by others as a valued member of society.
Integration: Educational Programs assists clients with locating homes in residential areas, using available transportation and participating in activities that promote and encourage a sense of community. We help to make connections with other people and resources that support good citizenship and involvement in the everyday life of the community. This includes the opportunity to participate in the same activities as any other citizens or neighbors according the personal desires of the client.
Relationships: Educational Programs recognizes that family and friends are an essential part of success for everyone. Through a variety of venues and activities (such as, camping, picnics, employment and community access)we center on facilitating and fostering strong, positive relationships with family members as well as creating opportunities to build and maintain new friendships with neighbors, coworkers and community members.
Competence: Educational Programs focuses on both the needs and the wants of each client. Keeping in mind the opportunities and relevant skills of each individual, we teach the activities of daily living by encouraging them to participate in these activities and to become as self-reliant as possible.
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